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hopefully, people will like this one. :P

ONE; We start with our base, Kim Hyun Joong from SS501. :D

TWO; Let's make our colors softer. Make a new CURVES layer and give it the following settings:
first point: 90, 112
second point (pre-set point on the topright): 255,243

THREE; I don't like the pale yellow color of his skin right now so I made a new layer and filled it with a bright pink, like #fd8fab. Set this layer to SOFT LIGHT 50% to give his skin some pink tones.

FOUR; Our picture looked a bit too light. Make a new SELECTIVE COLOR layer and give it the following:
-20, 32, 23, 0
42, 34, 35, 0
-100, -53, -22, 59

FIVE; This step will add a bit of a yellow tint to your image. Make a new layer and fill it with a dark blue, like #202c49. Set it to EXCLUSION 50%.

SIX; I'm not quite fond of the faded yellow effect, so let's get rid of it while still keeping the yellows by duplicating your base and setting it to SOFT LIGHT.

SEVEN; This will lower the contrast in the image. Make a new layer and fill it with a dark brown, #493620. Set it to EXCLUSION 18%.

EIGHT; This gives it a bit of a cyan-green tint, which goes good with our pink/red colors.
Make another new layer and fill it with dark red, #492020. Set it to EXCLUSION 12%.

NINE; Now to make our colors pop again. Duplicate your base again and set it to SOFT LIGHT 50%.

TEN; This will darken the skin color and give it a redder color. Make a new GRADIENT MAP layer. Then go to PASTELS, and apply the soft yellow going to purple gradient. Make sure it's going from yellow to purple and not from purple to yellow.
Set this layer to COLOR BURN 40%, FILL 40%.

ELEVEN; One of my favorite features is the PHOTO FILTER option~^^
This will give it a pink/violet tint. Make a new PHOTO FILTER layer and pick the VIOLET filter. Set the density to 19%.

TWELVE; This desaturates our image just a bit. Duplicate your base and set it to SOFT LIGHT 50%, FILL 50%, then go to IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS and click on DESATURATE.

THIRTEEN; For this step, copy+paste the texture into your icon:

Set it to COLOR BURN 100%.

FOURTEEN; Our image looked really icky just now, so a way to fix this is by softening those overpowering yellows. Make a new CURVES layer and give it the following settings:
first point (pre-set point on the bottomleft): 0, 33
second point: 106, 123
third point (pre-set point on topright): 255, 240
Now that looks better :D

FIFTEEN; This will just add a nice soft effect. for this I took a soft round 100px brush, opacity 13%, and the color white and make a new layer, brushing it over the right side of Hyun Joong, and a little at the bottom left as well. :D

This ends my little tutorial~feel free to ask questions, I'm here to help ^^

Tags: tutorial: coloring, tutorial: textures, type: tutorial
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